Saturday, 4 February 2012

Store: Safari Living Set

Carrying on with showcasing the February store sets, here is the Safari Living set :D

Safari Living Set
1. Safari Living: Stoic Giraffe Statue
  - §5500
  - Decor > Sculptures
  - Environment: 10

2. Safari Living: Safari Supreme Fireplace
  - §4200
  - Fireplaces (Build)
  - Fun: 6 (50/hr) ♦ Environment: 6

3. Safari Living: Serengeti Coffee Table
  - §340
  - Surfaces > Coffee Tables
  - Environment: 2

4. Safari Living: Table Top Baobab
  - §120
  - Decor > Plants
  - Environment: 3

5. Safari Living: Serengeti End Table
  - §320
  - Surfaces > End Tables
  - Environment: 2

6. Safari Living: Serengeti Seat
  - §620
  - Comfort > Living Chairs
  - Comfy +3 ♦ Environment: 3

7. Safari Living: Vuvuzela Telescope
  - §750
  - Entertainment > Hobbies and Skills
  - Fun: 3 (10/hr) ♦ +Logic (800/hr) ♦ Environment: 4

8. Safari Living: Remember the Roar Wall Art
  - §1500
  - Decor > Sculptures
  - Environment: 8

9. Safari Living: Conjoined Hippos Sofa
  - §800
  - Comfort > Sofas and Loveseats
  - Comfy +3 ♦ Environment: 3

10. Safari Living: Desert Oasis Barstool
  - §315
  - Comfort > Misc
  - Comfy +3

11. Safari Living: Desert Oasis Bar
  - §1000
  - Surfaces > Misc
  - Fun: 7 (25/hr) ♦ +Mixology (600/hr) ♦ Hunger+ (25/hr) ♦ -Bladder (75/hr) ♦ Environment: 5

12. Safari Living: Bright Beak Wall Light
  - §175
  - Lighting > Wall Lamps
  - Environment: 2

Store: Vertical Challenge Rock Wall!

! (Update: Added more shots of the high ponytail worn by Naomi, requested by anon ^^ Shots are at the bottom of the post) !

EA released the new February sets a couple of days ago! It included 2 sets and a new premium content object; the rock wall! Zomg! :D

It comes with 3 different options:
  • Train
  • Climb > Easy / Medium / Hard
  • Race > Select Sim (Note: to race you need two rock walls!)

I had abit of a play around with my models on it, I tried the race option aswell with Jenna vs Naomi...

(Ready... Set...)



Silly Jenna :P

Vertical Challenge Rock Wall
- §1800
- Entertainment > Sporting Goods
- Fun: 7 (400/hr)

Requested Pictures:

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Community: Anubis' Smooth Criminal Boots

I first saw these on Anubis' facebook page and instantly fell in love! @.@ They look awesome ingame aswell, such high quality! :D I fully recommend these, you can get them here:

Anubis360 Smooth Criminal Boots

My simmies love them toooo! ^^

Happy Simming!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Finally finished introducing my "doves"! (models) :D

(Left to Right: Naomi, Ryana, Jenna, Kara, Chloe)

So after today I will start with my modelling/story telling. I hope it will come of use to people (especially if they'd like to see store content in game before deciding to purchase!) and I hope you'll find some entertainment in my story telling lol (I'm still new to this though xD)

If anyone has any requests about particular store content they want to see ingame, feel free to leave a comment! 

I was going to leave this last picture out, but I decided against it :D Chloe just scares me >_>; lol

"Ooo modelling! Do I look pretty?" 8D

Introducing: Ryana

Ryana LaBelle

Ryana came to Aspen Island after growing up in her home town Champ Le Sims. Ryana became an acomplished author at a young age, (she achieved her first best selling novel "Sim and Sensibility" at the young age of 19!) but has recently lost her inspiration, and so packed up and left for a change in scenery. Despite her success she prefers to stay out of the limelight and avoids paparazzi. To most people she is a mystery and is very rarely photographed. The only exception being when she models.

* Neat
* Shy

Grilled Salmon

Introducing: Naomi

Naomi Vasquez

Naomi was born in Bridgeport to two very successful and wealthy parents. They lived prosperously and Naomi had a very sheltered and comfortable upbringing, her parents income allowing her everything and anything she desired. Up until recently Naomi had been taking advantage of her parents, living off of their income while having no job of her own (only "plans" to become an actress) and partying every night. 

Seeing her spoilt attitude, her parents suggested (with an extra little push...) she move out to another town.There she can mature herself and become independant. Naomi was not happy with this news, but she now finds herself in Aspen Island, finally pursuing her dreams to become an actress.


Autumn Salad

Monday, 30 January 2012

For teh Lulz

So I was going through my poses while making my introduction posts, and I came across a pose which on one of my sims reminded me of something...



Introducing: Kara

Kara Vimes

Kara grew up in the idyllic and beautiful suburbs of Sunset Valley. Growing up, Kara grew a desire and passion to leave Sunset Valley and explore the vast world outside. In her childhood years her bedroom walls would be covered with maps and pictures of exotic lands like Al Simhara (some drawn by herself!) Not long after her 20th birthday, she bid farewell to her friends and family to move and start a new life in Aspen Islands. Here is where she hopes to fulfill her dream of being an explorer and make a living by drawing art depicting the beauty of foreign lands.

* Animal Lover
* Friendly
* Artistic
* Hopeless Romantic
* Natural Cook

Dim Sum

(Note: Kara's last name is tribute to Terry Pratchett and his awesome books ^^)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Introducing: Chloe

Chloe Robinson

Chloe had a tough upbringing in Twinbrook with only her mother and no brothers or sisters. Her mother worked as a starving artist while raising Chloe by herself. Her father died while she was a toddler, but despite times were hard Chloe was always an optimistic individual, being very carefree and happy. From a young age she adopted her mother's artistic talents and now hopes to follow in her mother's footsteps by being a full time artist in her new home Aspen Islands.


Irish Green
Key Lime Pie

Introducing: Jenna

Jenna Sheppard

Jenna had a quiet upbringing in Riverview with her family. Despite her love for the neighbourhood, she moved away to Aspen Island for a change in scenery and to start anew. She loves animals and plans to one day work from home as a professional horse trainer. Currently Jenna is working as a part time stylist and model to save up enough money to move out of her tiny flat and into a house in the suburbs.


Dim Sum