Sunday, 5 February 2012

Store: Africa Inspiration Collection

My last post on the February sets ^^ I will definitely be using some of the hairs in this set! :) Clothing is gorgeous too!

 Africa Inspiration: Regal Victoria Dress 

Africa Inspiration: Ornamental Beads Hairstyle
 Africa Inspiration: Kalahari Sun Dress
Africa Inspired: City Side Braids

Africa Inspiration: Modern Mali Day Dress (Traditional colours worn by Kara, modern black worn by Naomi)
 Africa Inspiration: Feathers and Braids

Africa Inspiration: Modern Braids
Africa Inspiration: Ikat Day to Night Dress (2 versions)
 Africa Inspiration: Close Curls Hairstyle
 Africa Inspiration: Silk Wrap Hairstyle
 Africa Inspiration: Beads and Kente Gown
 Africa Inspiration: Scarf Wrap Hairstyle
 Africa Inspiration: Beaded Jumper 
Africa Inspiration: Maasai Tie Top and
Africa Inspiration: Urban Loin Skort
  Africa Inspiration: Kufi
 Africa Inspiration: Urban Safari Shirt and Africa Inspiration: On Safari Shorts
 Africa Inspiration: Urban Kufi